These little cities of sand towers, aligned along a slope, were found just as they appear. I stumbled upon them this summer and immediately grabbed an available camera to capture their fascinating and astounding organic beauty. Taking my fathers phone in hand (mine being dead), I snapped away without any clue of how the images would come out. I’ll be honest; the images don’t do justice to how amazing these structures appeared. They are alien to a common landscape, such as the beaches of Atlantic City, which makes the sight even more intriguing and inspiring.

I thought I would share. Please click to view them. 

I woke up and once my glasses were on and I was not entirely blind, I looked down at my toes past the mess of blankets since they were sticking out and I noticed the sea foam green color that I have on them. They remind me a bit of jingles or mother of pearl but I can’t say I particularly like the color. I do a terrible job of painting nails anyway. I guess it was do to the fact that my best friend whom I’ve lived across the street from for years and years wanted me to paint her toe nails for her. I obliged and the polish was there and I think I am rather easily distracted so I painted my own. My friend is one of those people that hates feet but doesn’t mind sticking her own into other peoples’ faces.

While at her house, I learned that her family from Ireland were over. I spent the night with her cousins, her mom, and her brother. It was a big family get together plus myself, which was weird. I think being around people with an Irish accent make me realize just how terrible sounding my own American accent is. I really sound very much like I’m from “Joisey” which is all the reason to make fun of me. Another funny thing about being with them, despite the accents, was the common interests. One of the cousins, Shane, insisted on listening to Eminem. You may not know this, but I have a soft spot for Eminem.

Later on, the cousins and my friend and I went to visit her brother who works at the Dairy Queen down the hill. It was funny to be there at closing ordering ice cream from him and just asking stupid questions and hanging out. From there was back up the hill to her house where she ended up falling asleep and I just hung out with her cousins looking at photo albums and watching youtube videos. By the time I got home, it was nearly 1:20 am. I just find it funny that I hung out with her family while she slept.